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Pathways Scholars Program

The Pathways Scholars Program provides students with exciting 8-week, in-person internship opportunities in designated host cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C. during the summer.

By working directly with industry and sector leaders, students can gain practical experience, develop marketable skillsets, and build valuable connections.

In each city, students will be guided by a faculty member and meet local Emory alumni working in the industry, adding another layer of networking and mentorship.

With financial support of up to $6,000 for travel and housing, each program offers a supportive cohort experience that opens doors to future career success.

Summer 2024 Cohorts

Media & Entertainment Scholars: Los Angeles, California

In this eight-week program, a diverse cohort of Emory students live together in shared housing while interning with film, television, talent, data analysis, and gaming companies in Los Angeles, one of the media and entertainment capitals in the world. Led by an Emory faculty member, students also learn about racial bias in research and art while attending weekly guest lectures and visiting the worksites of industry professionals, especially those who work on DEI initiatives.

Important Note: Students must secure an LA-based, 8-week (from late May - Late July), 240-hour internship in the media & entertainment industry (paid internships are encouraged). Housing will be provided for each student at Emerson College for the duration of the 8 week program. Participants will receive a $3,000 cost-of-living stipend.

Applications now closed | opens Fall 2024

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Law, Policy & Government Scholars: Washington, D.C.

As a a global power center, Washington, D.C. attracts mission-driven professionals who want to shape the world in the fields of law, policy, and government. In this eight-week program, a diverse cohort of Emory students live together in shared housing while interning with legal, policy, nonprofit, and government agencies in Washington, D.C. Led by a political science faculty member, students attend weekly seminars, visit sites of historical and political interest, and meet with Emory alumni.

Applications now closed |  opens Fall 2024

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Experience the Media & Entertainment Program

Watch students' experience the new internship program in Los Angeles that offered students the opportunity to get intensive hands-on experience in film, television, and other media, learn from experts, and connect with Emory’s vast alumni network in the entertainment capital of the world.